Wire.h missing in sodaq AVR boards lib

The latest version (1.1) of the boards library for the mbili (Sodaq AVR boards), appears to be missing wire.h. Downgrading to 1.0.3 solves the compilation issues.

Try adding an include for Wire.h as the very first include of your primary sketch.

Arduino reworked how some of the common libraries are included in the project. There is a different version of Wire for each platform and Wire.h exist in the platform specific subfolder. This causes issues when trying to include it in Arduino libraries, and requires that the include exists in the Arduino sketch and before the include statement for that other library.

The include for wire.h is indeed on the first line. That is not the problem. Like I said, it works with previous versions of the boards manager. Also with the last version if you did an upgrade, but for people who do a fresh install (or install after clearing the cache) that take the last version (1.1), the compilation fails on that file (missing).

You are correct.

There is an error in boards.txt on the lines which specify the core for each board.

For example with the Mbili:


where it should read:


Due to this issue, the IDE is unable to find the Wire library for the AVR platform which comes with the standard Arduino install.

The v1.1.0 AVR indeed has a incorrect board.txt
I’ve published a new package_sodaq_index.json that should list AVR boards v1.1.1 and
in that version the board.txt should be correct