Where to buy NB-IoT sim cards as a private person in Germany

I would like to play around with NB-IoT, however the only website I found where you can just buy a NB-IoT sim card is https://1nce.com/. However there you need to have a VAT number in order to buy sim cards as they only sell to businesses.

As I have a development board already, is it possible to buy NB-IoT sim cards straight from Vodefone or Deutsche Telekom?

Kind Regards,

Hi @lorenz,

I believe you can get an account and then order sims from Deutsche Telekom as a person.
You can get in touch with them by filling in the contact sheet so they can create your account. https://iot.telekom.com/de/konnektivitaet/narrowband-iot

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Hi Jan, thanks for you answer.
I have filled out the form you suggested 2 weeks ago but I have not heard back from them.
In the meantime I have managed to get some 1-nce sim cards.

I am still trying to get some information from Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica about the availability and costs of NB-IoT sim cards for Germany. If I get some answers, I will report them back here.