Vodafone SIM card activation/provisioning

I have received my SODAQ nice SFF board with a Vodafone SIM card
Should the SIM be activated / provisoned / regiatered on the VF IoT platform to start working? Or it is someway pre-acrivated ?

Is there any procedure to follow or web portal where to activate the SIM?

I failed to establish connection (follow the tutorial on the support page) so wondering if my SIM card is active…any way to check ? What is the expire date ?

Thanks for support

Hi @arzaman,

Your sim card should be valid for 1 year.

Which tutorial did you follow?
And can you post the error message you received?

Best regards,

Thanks for the reply

One year from what start date ? are SIM card pre-active? no registration/activation process with Vodafone is needed ?? is there any vodafone tool where I can check my validity periodo ?

about the test that failed
I have loaded the passtrough sketch and than I try the AT command sequence in the example VF-NL UDP


I have also tryed to change MCC and MNC since I’m located in Italy

any idea ?

Sorry Jan for pushing you but I’m still stucked

still not understand if my SIM card is active or not
I would expect that the activation process is manged by vodafone… did you perform activation process before shipping and SIM card is pre-active ? did you pass my contact information to VF ? Is there any way I can check with VF or Online the SIM card status ?

thanks for the support

Dear Davide,

For now i’ll consider this topic as closed since we are in contact thought e-mail.
If you still have trouble after following the provided manual please let me know in our pending ticket, with the requested IMEI number, after this i’ll send you a new SIM card as discussed.

With kind regards,