Using the library R410M

The board I’m using is the Sodaq Sara AFF R410M.
I would like to send a test message to the T-Mobile NL server.
I tried using the nbIOT_test code from the GitHub library, but i got these messages.

I uncommented #define TMOBILE_NL.

By the way, sending messages via AT Commands is working.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Alex_Bijmolt,

The nbIOT_test does not work on the SARA + R410M only with the N2XX modules.

The nbIOT_test_udp should work on the SARA + R410M
Here I see that the #define R4XX on the top of the sketch is missing.
We will fix this in the next release of the library.

Best regards,

If you know a bit of python you can use our library to test both