Using the AT+UGPS command

Good afternoon,

Can somebody explain me how to use the AT+UGPS command for the Sodaq R410M?

When I try for example:


I get:

+CME ERROR: General failure

Looks like it’s a command to enable an external GNSS receiver. I don’t have a circuit with one of those lying around unfortunately. Did you check you have the correct hardware connections? There’s quite a detailed explanation on the function in the AT commands document.

I suggest looking it up on page 225 if you haven’t already.

Good luck!

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What command do I have to use for configuring the ‘built-in’ GPS?

Well, the sodaq board has a separate UBlox SAM M8Q GPS module on it. That module is connected via I2C to the MCU on the Sodaq board, so you could simply download a library for the M8Q and use that!