Usine LifePo battery with Sodag board

Hi there,

Would it be possible to run the Sodaq One efficiently using a LifePo battery? Could the board also charge the battery? Many thanks and if I need to give additional information, let me know . Many thanks!

Hi @Goof,

You have to make your code low power to make it efficient to run it off a battery.
Our tracker code and low power sketch can help you make your code low power.

The battery can be charge by the USB and/or solar input.
There also is a yellow/orange charge LED.
Battery - SODAQ Support pages

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Hi Jan,

Thanks for the quick response. I am thinking of a few mA when awake for a few seconds and well below 1 mA when asleep, so that should be fine.

But I mainly want to know if you support (charging) LifePo batteries out of the box? They have different characteristics compared to LiPo, for instance, the voltage regulator might have to behave different as well as the charging circuit.

Thanks! Goof

Hi @Goof,

I just checked and we do not support LifePo batteries.
These might work to power the board but you need a different charger. The onboard charger isn’t compatible.

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