USB Port blocks after error

I have now several Sodaq Sara 410M’s with an blocked USB port. I have tried to reset the Sodaq but I have still no luck. Please is there someone who can help me to bring this devices back to live. If I connect the device to my PC I don’t see the SODAQ port in the Arduino IDE.


The latest SODAQ R410 Boards have two USB port.
Do you use the one next to the sim slot?

Also when connected, can you double press the reset button to see if you get a fading led and a com port?

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Are you running passthrough program?

I have managed to block 15 boards this way. Sometimes doing a reset and loading in the program again works but not on all.

But when adding a program to run AT commands directly from the arduino it works on the boards.

@Henrik_Sihm also has this problem