Upgrade Firmware for sara-N280-02B-00 NB-IoT module

I am trying to upgrade the firmware version FW 06.57-A07.03 for sara-N280-02B-00 NB-IoT module and I am using the Genuino Zero (32 bits Arduino board) with the NB-IoT shield.
First I loaded the following passthrough sketch on the board then I opened UEUpdaterUI v3.17.0.13 on my computer to perform the update but It is stuck in “Trying to reset UE using AT command”. What am I doing wrong ?

[details=Summary]#include “Arduino.h”

#define USB Serial
#define UBLOX Serial1

#define USB SerialUSB
#define UBLOX Serial

#elif defined(ARDUINO_SAM_ZERO)
#define USB SerialUSB
#define UBLOX Serial1

#elif defined(ARDUINO_SAMD_ZERO)
#define USB SerialUSB
#define UBLOX Serial1

#error “Please select a Sodaq ExpLoRer, Arduino Leonardo or add your board.”

// Pin to turn on/off the nb-iot module
#define powerPin 7
unsigned long baud = 9600; //start at 9600 allow the USB port to change the Baudrate

void setup()
// Turn the nb-iot module on
pinMode(powerPin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(powerPin, HIGH);

// Start communication

// Forward every message to the other serial
void loop()
while (USB.available())
uint8_t c = USB.read();

while (UBLOX.available())

// check if the USB virtual serial wants a new baud rate
if (USB.baud() != baud) {
baud = USB.baud();


Can you try the manual reset?
Use a jumper wire to connect the GND to the reset-pad (TP2)

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I kept pressing on the reset button of the Arduino while attaching the USB micro side of the USB cable to the Arduino’s Native port (COM10 in the figure). Then I updated the module using UEUpdaterUI.
The u-blox m-center evaluation tool shows now the modem information with the new firmware version which means that the module was updated but it’s not reading the SIM Card. What could be the problem ?

Second thing, the port (COM9 in the figure) is not responding when I use the programming port. Why is that?