Updating Firmware of LoraBee

How do I update the firmware of the LoraBee using an Autonomo board.

Firmware version is currently “RN2483 0.9.5 Mar 24 2015 14:15:33” but I would like to update to at least version 1.0 as per instructions on http://forum.thethingsnetwork.org/t/ttn-uno-beta-release-documentation/290/47.

I see there is a way to communicate directly with the LoraBee using a proxy script running on the Autonomo LoraBee RN2483 module but can this be used to update firmware?

… OR should I be using something like SparkFun XBee Explorer USB (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11812)?

It should be possible to run the update using a pass through sketch where all the data from the SerialUSB or Serial is sent to Serial1 and also in reverse.

If the update process requires and specific interaction with any of the other IO pins (besides the TX/RX), that might be a bit more difficult.

@philroche Did u get this to work? Because i have the same setup and also need to update the RN2483.
Please let me know, and if u can please post the sketch.



Not yet but I did buy http://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/xbee-usb-adapter with the goal of doing just that.

“LoRaBee” RN2483 Firmware upgrade guide from Allthingstalk:

the link is dead …

Oops, wrong copy. Now its working.

be carefull to which version you upgrade - it seems some version has issues with sleeping …