Updated Schematics - TC2030 connector

I just recently purchased a new Sodaq ExpLoRer and I noticed there are some differences between the old version and the new version.

There were two 6 pin TC2030-IDC-NL sockets on the board and now there is only one, one of them has been replaced with an 10 pin connector of some kind. Which connector is used for debugging? The TC2030 or the new 10 pin header? And what are these other pins used for?

There is also a new ext/int switch for the battery which has not been updated on the schematics on the support website.

Thank you.

Dear brendandower90,

The new revision of the Explorer board has moved one of the TC2030-IDC-NL to the bottom side of the board, this one is used to flash the LoRa module, and is normally not used by the average user. The TC2030 footprint near the battery holder is used to program/debug the microcontroller (if you have an Atmel ICE), and the 10-pin male header that was added can also be used for programming and debugging. This male header can directly be used by the Atmel ICE, so you don’t need a specialized tag-connect cable for it.

I hope I have answered your questions! I will make sure we update our support page ASAP.

Best regards,

Nick Leijenhorst

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Ahh yes, I just turned it over and noticed that it is underneath the board now. Thanks Nick for letting me know!

I have a JLink and I bought a cable especially to connect it to the TC2030 connector. Its good that you have included the 10 pin male header, but it would have been nice to get the new board before I purchased the $60 TC2030-MCP cable. :joy:

What are the pin assignments of this 10 pin connector?



We use the standard pinout of the Atmel ICE connector (with SWD), this picture should make it clear for you, the pinout is in the same orientation as the connector on the picture. So pin 1 is next to the LoRa module, and on the side of battery holder.

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Thank you Nick!
Much appreciated.

I wish I had the pins soldered on the board, I am old and have fat fingers for this small kit.
My eyes are also failing now.

Can we please have pins already soldered on these boards?
Your solder bath will do it in seconds what will take me hours.


If you dont have the version with the 10 pin header, get a TC2030-MCP-NL cable.


There are TC2030-IDC sockets on the ExpLoRer boards for use with these cables.

Would the Atmel ICE work with this also then?

I was going to order one, it seems to do more.

Am I wrong SoDaQ dev team & people?

If you have a look on the schematics rev5b you can see the socket on the left hand side of the schematic next to the MCU.

Make sure the Atmel ICE works with those pins and then you’re golden. I have a Segger J-Link and it does work with those pins, I’ve also read in these forums of someone who got it working with those pins. (although I haven’t tested it yet)

Make sure your IDE supports unified debugging, because the Arduino one does not.

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This is an old version N.B the MCU number is now a J not G series.


This needs updating, to show latest.
I have requested a change log for us all to use, to keep in sync & work on the same page.


What is an old version? I am confused.
Hasnt the ExpLoRer always been a J series? I have never even looked at the G series, because it was always very clear that the ExpLoRer was a J Series. It states on the support page that its a J Series and it’s also obvious from the Schematics.


Even the older rev3.3 was a J Series. I’m a little confused where you got the idea that it was a G series from? The Sodaq ONE has a G Series.

It has always been a J series, there was a mistake on the support site where we put G series. This is fixed.

G series: Sodaq One
J series: Extended version of the G series, larger microcontroller, more I/O pins. Used on the Autonomo and Explorer.

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Thanks for clarifying Jan.
I never noticed that it was written as G Series, months ago when I got the board I swear it said J series.
Perhaps I just read that off the data sheet.

Just an aside, I think your store also states ‘G Series’ in the listing for the ExpLoRer.

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SoDaQ engineers & people

This shows us all we that all need to work on the same page. :sunglasses:

Time for a sync with facts & websites.

Please team.

Explorer_schematic_rev5b.pdf shows G

Thanks for letting us know.
I updated the shop.

Thanks for letting us know, both schematics rev3-3 and rev5b show G and J next to eachother.
This is a bit confusing indeed.
We will update them soon with the new schematics.


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Only says G for my eyes.