Update to Sodaq_RN2483 Library

There is a new update for the Sodaq_RN2483 library, which adds some useful functionality.
The library will now preserve the state of the LoRaWAN in the module’s NVM.

  • For OTAA devices this will allow the device to resume without having to rejoin after a reset.
  • For both OTAA & ABP devices, the frame counters will be preserved after a reset.

A new example has also been added which demonstrates how to achieve this, including a new initialisation method which will restore the state of the LoRaWAN stack if possible.

The update will be pushed out the the Arduino library manager, after some further testing.
If you have any feedback please post it int this topic thread.

The updated library can be found in the ‘dev-vadym’ branch of our GitHub repository:

You can also find the firmware update tool here:


The update has now been released to the Arduino library manager.
You can find it as version 1.1.0 or in the ‘master’ branch on Github.