Update firmware on SARA R410 module


I followed the procedure from tutorial regrading firmware update but Windows can not detect USB device.
It seems that module is not powered up. Should I connect SARA_RESET with GND or there is some other way?


Dear @dr.gagi,

Did you follow the tutorial on the R4 page?

Put this sketch on the SARA R4 Board.

Connect the normal USB cable to turn on the ublox module.
Connect the extra soldered usb cable to get the USB device.

Now you should be able to upgrade your board.

Kind regards,

Hi Jan,

Yes, I followed tutorial but can not get Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM in device manager. Only Arduino has been appeared.
If I connect soldered usb cable first I am getting “USB device is not recognized” and unknown device appears in device manager. After I connect normal usb cable this device disappears and arduino board shows up.


Did you install the UEUpdater from ublox?
It should also install the drivers.

Best regards,


Yes I have installed it for the purpose of firmware upgrade of SARA N211 but as far I know this tool is only for Neul chipset (produced by HiSilicon)??. EasyFlash should be used for qualcomm chipset which is inside SARA R410M. Anyway I have installed qualcomm HS USB drivers additionally but it did not help. Also I noticed that voltage on soldered cable (red and black wires) drops on around 1 voltage when normal usb cable is connected. Is it regular?

I have the same issue, and cannot upload the sketch to either arduino board or ublox board. Dr., have you been able to upload?

Any updates on how to upgrade the firmware of the R410m?
I can only see the Arduino Zero in device manager, not the 4 Qualcomm instances. What is the
extra USB cable referred to?

BR Markus

Dear @mgronst,

The latest revision of the SARA AFF boards have a 2nd usb connector.
On the earlier generations we only have the I/O holes.

You can solder on a usb cable to the SARA USB_DET, D+, D- and the ground wire to any of the available ground pins.

Put the passthrough on the microcontroller to turn on the module.
Connect both usb cables, now you should be able to load the latest ublox firmware.

Best regards,

Thanks for the information. My board does not have this second usb connector, and didnt find any information about the solder process on the support site: https://support.sodaq.com/sodaq-one/sodaq-sara-r410m/

Will give it a try.