UniversalTracker-v3 - save and upload track history?

I’m pleased with my UniversalTracker-v3 (on ONE V3) so far - GPS is accurate and LoRa range very impressive. But as I am in an area with hills/mountains, I’m only getting position uploads when there is line-of-sight to the gateway, usually from the tops of ridges and hills. Has anyone modified the code to save the complete GPS trail at the set logging interval when out of line-of-sight (to show path animal took in valleys) and then upload the whole GPS track next time there is a connection to the LoRa gateway? Right now when I test I can walk for a long time but only get a few points from when I am on high ground.

Using: https://github.com/SodaqMoja/SodaqOne-UniversalTracker-v3

Hi @tbone,

LoRaWAN indeed works best when there is line of sight. In an urban environment the range is much less and with hills the signal is usually gone.

We don’t have code ready for storage when there is no connectivity.
We have an option in the menu to send multiple coordinates, but this is limited to the maximum payload size of the used spreadingfactor. This still does not guaranty you will get all data points.

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Two option for storage might be:
The SAMD21 has internal storage you can use. Which can still be low power.
There is SPI for connecting an SD card. SD card usually uses more power, it’s recommended to completely power down the SPI and SD when it’s not used.

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