Universal_Tracker - connects to TTN but not sending data

I have the most recent cattle tracker (Universal_Tracker, ONE V3 board) and successfully provisioned it for TTN (OTAA). Everything seems correct in the settings and the device shows as registered in TTN but no frames are sent or received.

I’ve uploaded the latest code from https://github.com/SodaqMoja/Sodaq_Universal_Tracker via Arduino IDE. Is there something that needs changing in the code vs. setting parameters in the menu via serial monitor?

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?


Hi @tbone,

It’s a known issue that SF10 cannot be used.
I have added a section about the US firmware here:

Best regards,

Thanks. I ended up using this version https://github.com/SodaqMoja/SodaqOne-UniversalTracker-v3 which works fine.