UDP Client to Server Communication

I have recently purchased a SODAQ Deluxe NBIoT module based on SARA N211 module. As far as I understand there is one way to send data to a public server and that is UDP, TCP/IP stack is not available in the module. Right?

So my first test is the following sequence of commands:

AT+NSOCR=“DGRAM”, 17, port, 1
Where port is local receive port

AT+NSOST=0, ip, port, 5, “4845767679”
Where ip is the public IP of the server, 5 is the number of hex bytes and “4845767679” is hex data.

In the server side there is a simple java UDP program which listens to port. Right?

Has anyone managed to communicate this way? I cannot receive any UDP packets at my server.

Any help will be appreciated!

Do you know if you are connected to the network?
I am able to send UDP with these commands, after connecting to the network.

Create UDP socket on port 12345

0 <--- this is the socked number

Send Hello world to (echo.ublox.com)




+NSONMI:0,11  <---- got response from server!

Read response




Close socket


Thank you Anders. It seems there was an issue with the port I was using. After correcting the port number, I followed the sequence of commands you wrote down and it worked perfectly. Now I can send UDP datagrams from the u-blox module and read them at the UDP server. Thanks again.

Hi Andres,

I have tried this step with T-mobile but not able to get message from the ublox.



only this part is working. So T mobile not support data from server still