uBlox.getPortConfigurationDDC(&pcd) failed!


I have the v2 of the Sodaq One (with the 3 axis accelerometer, instead of the 6 axis).
I’m using the current version of the tracker. It works fine most of the time.

But every now and then, I get this error:
uBlox.getPortConfigurationDDC(&pcd) failed!

i.e the problem with turning GPS on and off.

I’ve just received these modules and I’m using the active patch antenna.

I’m able to resolve the issue by power cycling the module, which is fine when I’m testing and it’s connected through the arduino ide.

But any idea on the long term solution?


We have released the tracker version v2

You can take a look in the sodaq v2 tracker software, there we ask the module if is ready for use, instead of a fixed delay:

void setGpsActive(bool on){