Ublox Chip bricked?

I’ve a SARA 412M AFF board. I’ve successfully flashed the Serial Passthrough sketch onto the device but the device was not reacting to any commands. I can confirm that the sketch works and Serial data is received. But the Ublox chip does not answer.

I’ve checked the device name of the USB port that goes to the Ublox chip. I mentioned that the device name is rather unusual Bus 001 Device 067: ID 05c6:900e Qualcomm, Inc. QHSUSB__BULK I’ve googled the device name and found a lot of posts that suggest that the Firmware of the Chip is somehow corrupted. I’ve tried also to flash a new firmware but the device is not recognized.

I’m not sure how this can happen but is there a way to unbrick this device?

Hi @fischercer,

There is no way to unbrick your device.
Please contact the webshop to swap your device.

Best regards,