Ubee Sodaq SARA U201 communicate with m-center through UART

Hello, I recently received an Ubee Sodaq Board with Ublox Sara u201.

I tried to connect it to my computer through USB port with the UART to USB TTL FT232RL. I also tried different baud rate (9600, 115200, …) but no response when I used m-center from Ublox to send AT command to the board.
I did the connection of this post: Wiring Ubee R410M to FTDI but no result.

Is it possible to connect Ubee Sodaq Board through UART or do I have to buy another board like Autonomous for this Ubee to work?

Thank you.

Edited: I change my power supply to 1A and it does return some data with every AT command. But the data is unreadable.


Depending on the ublox module is slightly different.

rx (ftdi) -> tx (ubee pin2)
tx (ftdi) -> rx (ubee pin 3)
3.3v (ftdi) -> 3.3v (ubee pin 1)
gnd (ftdi) -> gnd (ubee pin10)
dtr (ftdi) -> ON/OFF (ubee pin 9)

You have to connect a battery to one of the jst connectors.
Baudrate: 9600

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