Tracker V1 vs V2? Why isn't V2 working

Hi All,

I am using a Sodaq One rev 4 (Australian version RN2903 - using bypass code I set the channels to be the same as TTN 8-15) and can get simple test codes to report to TTN through my gateway.

I can load the Tracker software (version 3.0) and have it work just fine but when I use the V2 (4.6.0) software (from here I get

Initializing LoRa…
LoRa OTAA init failed!

The only settings I changed in each were otaa=1 and the App EUI and Key. and I want the LED on for testing and Cayenne LPP used.

Full settings detailed below

Any hints as to what is going on?



GPS (OFF=0 / ON=1) (gps=): 1
Fix Interval (min) (fi=): 15
Alt. Fix Interval (min) (afi=): 0
Alt. Fix From (HH) (affh=): 0
Alt. Fix From (MM) (affm=): 0
Alt. Fix To (HH) (afth=): 0
Alt. Fix To (MM) (aftm=): 0
GPS Fix Timeout (sec) (gft=): 120
Minimum sat count (sat=): 4
Num Coords to Upload (num=): 1

On-the-move Functionality
Acceleration% (100% = 8g) (acc=): 0
Acceleration Duration (acd=): 0
Fix Interval (min) (acf=): 1
Timeout (min) (act=): 10

OTAA Mode (OFF=0 / ON=1) (otaa=): 1
Retry conn. (OFF=0 / ON=1) (retry=): 0
ADR (OFF=0 / ON=1) (adr=): 1
ACK (OFF=0 / ON=1) (ack=): 0
Spreading Factor (sf=): 7
Output Index (pwr=): 1
Lora Port (lprt=): 1
DevAddr / DevEUI (dev=): 0004A30B001A2CD1
AppSKey / AppEUI (app=): 70B3D57EFxxxxxxx (copied directly from TTN)
NWSKey / AppKey (key=): 1058D0E7D1CF83724F8xxxxxxxxxxxx (copied directly from TTN)
Repeat Count (rep=): 0

Cayenne LPP (OFF=0 / ON=1) (cay=): 1
Temperature Sensor Offset (temp=): 20
Status LED (OFF=0 / ON=1) (led=): 1
Debug (OFF=0 / ON=1) (dbg=): 0
Initializing LoRa…
LoRa OTAA init failed!
** Boot-up completed successfully!
The USB is going to be disabled now.