Timer on the Sodaq R410M

Good afternoon,

I am looking for an example about how to use the timer on the Sodaq R410M.
Does someone know how to do this?

I already tried it using ISR, but i continuously got this error message.

Hi @Alex_Bijmolt

I don’t know it out of the top of my head, but since the SODAQ board runs on a ATSAMD21G18 processor, I would suggest reading it’s datasheet. You can find a lot of info there on how to use the different timers and setting them up using registers.

How much experience do you have using MCU timers? Setting registers for different prescalers and such?

Let me know and I could look up a couple of helpful guides that have helped me out in the past.


If you have never worked with timers before. I would suggest looking up some code online that people have used with the Arduino Zero. (Since it has the same MCU as the SODAQ board). The Arduino community is pretty big nowadays.

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Thanks, I got it working by using this example.

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