The TP pins - where are they connected?

I am looking at the schematic of the SARA R3 R412.
I notice that the GPS TX/ and RX are connected to TP5 and TP6

GPS Enanble is connected to D26.

My question is, which DXX pins correspond to TP5 and TP6 ? Or are these not connected to any pins at all? What does it mean, TP?

My second question is, can you disable the GPS by pulling the D26 low, thereby achieving power saving?

Thank you.

Hi @Sean_Con,

TP stands for Test Pad.
The GPS communication on the SARA boards is over I2C.
The GPS Serial (RX/TX) pins are not connected, there are only broken out to the test pads.
The GPS_ENABLE pin can indeed be used to set the GPS module in sleep.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,