Test Pads on Sodaq Sara AFF Rev3 with R412


I am looking for a description of the test pads on the Sodaq Sara AFF Rev3 (RM412) PCB, i.e. connection of test pads on the PCB to their respective pins. Thank you

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Hi @jpurder,

I’ll forward this to the HW team.


Dear @jpurder,

I’ve attached a picture of the test pads on the bottom which should be the most significant to use:

D+/D- is connected to the SARA module USB pins
USBP/USBN is the USB pins of the ATSAMD21 MCU
SWDIO/SWCLK is programming pins of MCU
TX>SARA and RX<SARA are connected to the UART between MCU and SARA module

There are also some small test pads on the top side of the PCB, but these are mostly used during hardware verification in the production process, and don’t really offer any useful functionality.

If you have any other specific questions, please let me know.