Tatu serial & Bee pad powering

Hello everybody,

I’ve ordered 2 months ago a couple of TATU boards and now i’m trying to make things work.

my goal is to connect and use a LoRa module from ATIM http://www.atim.com/produits/catalogue/modules-rf/arm-n8-lw/ that is mounted on a xbee shield.

Two questions :

1°) is the bee pad of the tatu powered ? i lack some documentation…i refered to the Mbili but i’m not sure since i’ve also seen some power cable for the GPRS bee…

2°) i want to pilot my LoRa module with serial1. is this just by writing serial.begin (speed) then serial1.xxx or do i have to do init for each serial port ie serial1.begin.


The VCC pin on the Tatu is switched on and off using the IO pin D20. You will need to set D20 HIGH to power up the BEE socket.

You should use the object Serial1 for all operations over the second UART which is connected to the BEE socket. e.g. Serial1.begin(…) etc.

Thank you for answering, it helps.

just one more question what is the correct naming for Digital pin 20 ? PC4

id est : digitalWrite(PC4, HIGH); is that correct ?

For the digital pins, you just need to use the number i.e.:
digitalWrite(20, HIGH);

For the analog pins you need to add the prefix e.g.:
digitalWrite(A1, HIGH);