T-Mobile connection in Germany


I’m currently in Berlin trying to run an Nb_IoT demo based on T-Mobile network.
I have a sodaq N410 development platform and I need to know the operator ID to join the network, I checked that I had signal and it’s ok on this side.

So I have 3 questions :

  • What is the operator ID ? I found this one on internet 26201
  • What are the bands used in Germany ?
  • What is the IP ? In Netherlands it’s “cdt.iot.t-mobile.nl” but I guess it’s different for Germany right ?

Many thanks

My experience from Germany is that you do NOT use the Force Operator feature, it just doesn’t want to connect.
Use the auto operator selection AT+COPS=0

Bands 8 and 20 are used in Germany. 8 Deutsche Telekom and 20 for Vodafone.

If you use the T-Mobile NL simcard, this is your APN.
If you use an other simcard, check with your provider.

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