Stop Running AT commands in New Sim

I have the board Sodaq Sara R410M. It was working properly for one month now.
It stops run AT commnads. It runs only the first command i send. After the first command dont print any response, when i send a new commnand.
This happened when i connected another sim Card that i order by Vodafone. When i connected the old Sim Card it works again.
Does anyone knows what to do?

Did you already find the solution for this?

Hi @rschalken and @sakxam,

Remove the sim, put a passthrough sketch on and send the command AT+CFUN=15 to remove the saved profile.
Then you can use a different sim.

Best Regards,

As i remember i just did the reset to the Sara SodaQ and the problem resolved.
Double click to reset button, passthrough the reset sketch .