Software written for SARA does not work on SFF

I have some working software for the SARA board 410m, it connects to UK Vodafone network and gets an NB-IoT signal which is all I need at the moment.
However the same software compiled for the SFF 410m does not work, it connects to the network but cannot find NB-IoT ( AT+CSQ returns 99,99)

Has anyone else had this experience / have any ideas?
Could it be a bad batch of MODEMs? The two SFF boards I have, have the same code on the top of the label.
Is it possible the MODEM firmware could be out of date and therefore the cause?

None of the example programs seem to work for me on the SARA or the SFF boards, so I have written my own software for the SARA using the AT commands necessary to connect and get RSSI readings.
I have ensured I’m using the correct pins for the SFF, I get responses from the MODEM.


Hi @Rmckay,

The examples are compatible with the latest version of the modem firmware.
The firmware is not backwards compatible.

You can check here if you have the latest firmware:

Best regards,

Hi @Jan
I have checked and both boards are running the latest firmware.