Software reset sodaq sara


I have sketch that is running on a sodaq sara. After a few days it suddenly stops, but after pushing the reset button on the board it works normally again. Is there a way to reset the board (not erasing the sketch) programmatically?

I tried NVIC_SystemReset(); but this results in a hang. Are there any other ways to reset the board?

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To reset a board when the software hangs we have written a watchdog timer library.

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So, if I call sodaq_wdt_reset() in my main loop the board will reset itself? or will it reset the watchdog timer? Is there some documentation available for this library?

Hi @daarende,

sodaq_wdt_reset() will reset the watchdog timer.
You don’t need to reset the microcontroller, when you don’t reset it every watchdog period the watchdog will perform a reset to the board automatically.

You can check the Universal_Tracker to see how we use the Sodaq_wdt.

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