SodaqOne CRC Error

Hi there,

a have been using a couple of SodaqOneV2 for quite a while now and lately I have been getting a lot of CRC errors. Those two devices have proven to be very capable since I have managed to get 50+ km range in my test region.

I am in range of three LoRa gateways which seem to work fine (all functioning devices - including a couple of autonomo boards- seem to work fine). I have tried different antenna configurations (changing cables and antennas around) . I have also tried different power sources and different spreading factors. The result is always the same. About 60% of messages are received as bad crc ones.

Currently both the devices are connected to 3.7V, 1200mAh LiPo and solar panels on the SodaqOnev2 carrier board.

Has anyone had similar experience with SodaqONEv2? Any hints about what to look for will be highly appreciated. Could that be a software related issue?