SODAQ SARA (SFF) R412M flash capacity?

Hey all, I’m just wondering does the SFF R412M have the capability to cache data until within range of a network with which to upload? I’m planning on using it for offshore GPS tagging. I should have network access once a week, which is when I’d plan to upload. If not, has anyone had success attaching a microSD/stamp recorder to one?
I’m looking to record GPS fixes at 3 minute intervals, and attempt to upload once every two hours. Anyone care to guess what size battery I’d need for this functionality?

Dear @JamieDarby,

The microcontroller has 256 KB onboard flash for storage.
It is possible to attach a SD card to the SARA SFF.

Depending on how much storage you need you can go for the onboard flash or the sd card option.

Your question about battery size.
It all depends on how much your solution uses in sleep and when it’s active.

  • How long you will try to send data.
  • How long the average GPS time takes.
  • What your device consumes in sleep.
  • Using an SD card also adds current consumption.

I would recommend the biggest you can fit in your box.
We sell up to 6000 mAh in our shop.
Also add a solar panel of minimum 1 WATT to keep your battery charged.

Best regards,