SODAQ SARA R410M unresponsive after testing Sodaq_LSM303AGR accelerometer sketch

I am pretty new to this, so I reckon something went wrong.

I was testing the new board we got, which is SODAQ SARA R410M using Arduino IDE.

The documentation states that the board has LSM303AGR accelerometer, so after trying out the examples using LED’s, I wanted to further explore the board by trying this example. (Note, that the example is from the SARA AFF N211, but loaded on the R410M.) However, after doing so I am not able to reset or access the board. After attaching it to my Mac using USB cable (MacOS 10.14) it shows up for a second in the ports list, but then immediately disappears. I am hence not able to load any other software on the board or to access it all together. The built-in blue LED is also silent :frowning:

Any advice on how to reset the board would be appreciated.

Okay. So I need to give credit to my friends and colleges at Incosense that pointed me to the fact that this requires some timing finesse in order to make it work. Apparently, you should double-click the reset button in order for it to work, but this did not seem to be the case. Essentially I could not make this work on Mac due to how they “sign” the com ports before allowing them to access the machine.

So what should you do?

On Windows Machine once you attach the board to power supply you have 5 seconds to upload the software to board that is not broken. For that, you will need to use something extremely basic in order for it to succeed before the board goes into permanent sleep mode. Weird that this code was used as the most basic example given that it needed some tinkering to get out of it, and otherwise it left the board unresponsive. The unresponsiveness part is the one I do not get given that its a test for acceleration. Power saving mode seems like a secondary concern there.