Sodaq Sara AFF Universal Tracker fails to compile

I am trying to compile the sketch here

for use with the Sodaq SARA AFF with ublox sara-410M

I seem to be missing a lot of #defines and I would like to know where to find them please. But obvs, the sketch as provided does not work

First compilation errors are for …




I am not sure what else is missing. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I see from potentially useful info … do I take it that

#define LED_RED 17 would be correct from this?

Incidentally, the very first compilation error you get is …

#error "No network type defined"

because (I assume) you need to define this for the SARA_AFF. Right? This line is missing and needs to be inserted.


Frustrating, really!

Ok, after putting in what I think are the right #defines, it compiles but I see …

** SODAQ - Universal Tracker - 1.0.3 **

 -> CPU reset by External [16]

*** GPS not found!
*** GPS not found!

  Commit Settings                            (CS): 


  Fix Interval (min)         (fi=): 15
  Alt. Fix Interval (min)    (afi=): 0
  Alt. Fix From (HH)         (affh=): 0
  Alt. Fix From (MM)         (affm=): 0
  Alt. Fix To (HH)           (afth=): 0
  Alt. Fix To (MM)           (aftm=): 0
  GPS Fix Timeout (sec)      (gft=): 120
  Minimum sat count          (sat=): 4
  Num Coords to Upload       (num=): 1

On-the-move Functionality 
  Acceleration% (100% = 8g)  (acc=): 0
  Acceleration Duration      (acd=): 0
  Fix Interval (min)         (acf=): 1
  Timeout (min)              (act=): 10

  Status LED (OFF=0 / ON=1)  (led=): 0
  Debug (OFF=0 / ON=1)       (dbg=): 1
Enter command: 

So it seems like a lot of stuff is missing … for example all the Cellular settings, IMEI etc …

Not quite sure what the GPS Not Found message means?

Any ideas?

Hi @patmolloy,

It seems like you didn’t install the sodaq boards?

Please select the SODAQ SARA board as your board under tools, it will compile without any errors.

Best regards,

I did have boards installed and selected.

I’ve just started from scratch with a clean Arduino install and have now compiled …


Just a case of getting a network connection now …