Sodaq Sara AFF R410M not responding to ay AT command

Hello fellow engineers,

some time ago I attended the workshop and got the Sodaq Sara AFF R410M board.
It was running fine using the monogoto sim until the battery dried.

Now the board is running except for the R410M module. It does not accept any AT command including sending a simple AT.

Are there any hints or tips I can use to get the module active again?

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Maybe you see the same problem as I had in:

Hi monalisan

Thanks for the hint. I will check this and come back to it.

Hello all,

I am digging into this issue trying to get the SARA 410M module back alive.
I do have the rev3 board which has an additional onboard usb connection. When I connect this to my computer this port is installed as a new COM port. I used the arduino serial montor to see what happens. If I send something I get some spaces and a 0 (zero)

2nd thing I was digging into is the boot-pin Monalisan mentioned above.
I am not sure which pin I need to use.
Is it the SARA_R4XX_TOGGLE pin which is defined into the board definition?

For now the board is still functioning except the R410M module.