SODAQ ONE Tracker software


Is there a way to set those settings in the software : Spreading factor, coding rate, power, and turn ADR off. I have set those in the microchip RN2909 but the software overwrites them.



You should be to change the ADR option quite easily.

Simply change the last parameter of this function call to false (see line 426 of SodaqOneTracker.ino):

   if (LoRaBee.initOTA(LORA_STREAM, devEui, appEui, appKey, true)) {

The other configuration parameters will take some work to change them. They should be currently set to the recommended settings based on the LoRaWAN specification.

Thanks Gabriel, but is there’s a way to prevent the software from overwriting them?

There is also line 448 which sets the ADR option when using ABP authentication, line 426 is for when using OTA.

As far as I can see, the tracker software does not set any specific channel options.

I’m not sure if the channel options are reset with every power on reset or whether you can configure the channels and then save those settings.

You can set the Spreading Factor and the Power by using the following:

uint8_t aDr=5; // 5 = SF7 4=SF8 3=SF9 ...  0==SF12
uint8_t aPwrIdx=1; // 0 = 20db (not available on SodaqOne), 1 = 14db  2==...

setMacParam("pwridx ", aPwrIdx);
setMacParam("dr ", aDr);

You have to set the Power each time before sending. So best to put it in the ‘for-loop’ in the function ‘void transmit()’ in SodaqOneTracker.

As Gabriel pointed out to me: you can find mac commands in (from page 17 onwards).

There you find the mac save command as well to store some data more permanent. The values to be used should be looked up in the Lora specs.

Thanks Harm, very helpfull…