Sodaq ONE Tracker on TTN only sends 96 packets/frames then stops

I have the Sodaq one registered within thethingsnetwork using the Universal tracker software. But it only sends out 96 frames and then stops. Is this intentional? Or should i set something else within the software/settings?

These are the settings:
Fix Interval (min) (fi=): 1
Alt. Fix Interval (min) (afi=): 0
Alt. Fix From (HH) (affh=): 0
Alt. Fix From (MM) (affm=): 0
Alt. Fix To (HH) (afth=): 0
Alt. Fix To (MM) (aftm=): 0
GPS Fix Timeout (sec) (gft=): 120
OTAA Mode (OFF=0 / ON=1) (otaa=): 0
DevAddr / DevEUI (dev=): xx
AppSKey / AppEUI (app=): xx
NWSKey / AppKey (key=): xx
Num Coords to Upload (num=): 1
Repeat Count (rep=): 0
Status LED (OFF=0 / ON=1) (led=): 1
Initializing LoRa…

(DevAddr, AppsKey and NWSKey removed for obvious reasons)

My bad: when using a single channel gateway it is going to miss packets when the node switches to other SF… Fixed for my environment by changing the LoRa init auto ADR setting to false.

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