SODAQ ONE tracker code is ready

Hi everyone,

We are proudly annoucing that we have made the tracker code for the SODAQ ONE Open Source.

It has become quite a comprehensive application but still compiles nicely in the Arduino IDE (1.6.7).

After loading it to the device, you can configure it over the USB port. So no hardcoding of keys etc.
It supports both OTAA and ABP and works like a charm with the new TTN back-end.

In sleep the SODAQ ONE uses around 30 uA and when waking up it typically does a GPS fix in less than 8 seconds.

From the menu you can configure how often it does this for you.

The sketch uses 36,340 bytes of program storage space but on the SAMD21 this is only 13% :smile:
So plenty of space for you to extend it.


After compiling, how to I load the application into the SODAQ ONE? - it is pre-loaded with GPS Tracker


found it - was not sure it could be done within the 30sec

Did you remove some files from your appdata folder?
Can remove the sodaq samd boards from the boards manager and reinstall the board files? ( Setting up your Arduino IDE )

This was first posted in a separate thread. Can we delete this duplicate please.