Sodaq One + BLE shield, confusing with pins description

Hi there,

First I am a newbie here and understanding BLE shield schematic has been difficult for me.

So there are 4 pins on the right side of the shield without pins description or pin number.

There is PWR but I am also not too sure.

Does anyone know? I will be very appreciated.


Those four pins do the same as the pins next to them.

The two pins next to PWR can be soldered to eachother to always boot the SODAQ ONE when a battery is connected.
Or you can attach an external on/off switch, the extra holes makes it easier to solder wires to it :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need more info.

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Thanks! This is awesome. What about extra 2 holds next to Bluetooth module?


These are the pins D1/A1/AREF and D0/A0/DAC from the SODAQ One.
See pinout here:

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