Sodaq NB-IoT Shield Firmware update


I’m using Sodaq NB-IoT Shield with Crowduino, and I think I should update the Firmware (actual firmware version is 06.57,A03.02).

Could you please provide me firmware update information?



I have send you a dm with the firmware.

Kind regards,

Hello !

I have exactly the same question,
including the UEUpdater program info.



I think my firmware version is too old to even support the ATI9 command. i already got the latest firmware file and updater, but its not working.
Im using an Arduino M0 Pro as serial converter. It manages to update the securityA core, but then fails to detect the module after the reset for the next step.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Neul\UEUpdaterCLI>UEUpdater.exe updateall -p com6 --passive --timeout 60 --preemptive 50 --noBaudSwitch --in sara-N200-02B-00.fwpkg --throttleSize 64
UEUpdater v3.17.0.13
Attempting to establish communications with UE…
Waiting for bootloader to send info message…
Initial bootInfo
Secondary bootInfo/ack
Verifying connection…
Connected to bootloader
Comms established to H2110Boudica, bootloader stage SsbRom protocol version 0
Established communications with UE
Reseting and entering first Bootloader
Setting flash limits
Forcing reprogramming of image because signatures are provided
0% Programming SecurityA core…
0% Programming SecurityA core…
7% Programming SecurityA core…
15% Programming SecurityA core…
23% Programming SecurityA core…
30% Programming SecurityA core…
38% Programming SecurityA core…
46% Programming SecurityA core…
53% Programming SecurityA core…
61% Programming SecurityA core…
69% Programming SecurityA core…
76% Programming SecurityA core…
84% Programming SecurityA core…
92% Programming SecurityA core…
100% Programming SecurityA core…
Examining UE to determine if the SecurityA core has the required image…
UE core image is already loaded
SecurityA core loaded
Entering Flash Bootloader
Initial bootInfo
Verifying connection…
Unable to verify bootloader connection - try resetting again…
Initial bootInfo
Secondary bootInfo/ack
Verifying connection…
Sorry - something went wrong - No response from bootloader. Please reset the UE and try again.
Application finished.

Any ideas? thanks!

anyone? sodaq? im still stuck here


What is the module version you have?


my module is a 02B-00, as indicated in the firmware file im using.

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Do you have an Serial to USB converter?
If you have, can you try to upgrade without the m0 pro?

@Jan I have a similar set-up as zsofi.
Could you supply me with the update software and firmware ?

I also have two sodaq R410m modules; can I use the same software for upgrading those boards ?




I have send a DM with the firmware.

Best regards,

I recently updated the firmware succesfully. This is my story:
I have a SODAQ NB-iot shield (sara-n211 02b-00) and Crowduino M0 SD.

It was on firmware B656 (and did not respond to AT commands like ATI9 and AT+NCONFIG=“CR_0859_SI_AVOID”,“FALSE”).

Uploaded nbIOT_serial_passthrough sketch with commented line #define R4XX

installed: UEUpdaterUI-

updated with sara-N211-02X-01.fwpkg

Now it does respond to AT commands like ATI9 and AT+NCONFIG=“CR_0859_SI_AVOID”,“FALSE”.

Next, connect the board to with belgian NB-iot simcard. Anyone out here who can give me some info?

Regards, Maarten

@Jan Hi I have version FW 6.57 – A03-02 and have heard that new FW 6.57 – A09-06 has been released. Could you please send me the new FW? I am using your NB-IoT shield with SARA N211

Thank you in advance!

Dear @Victor_Cordero,

I don’t have a firmware update file for A09-06.
Can you contact your ublox representive?

Kind regards,

Ok @Jan , I will ask them about the new FW. This is the link to the new update notification


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Dear all,

Does anyone have the latest firmware for Sara-N200 02B including the update program (I now have 06.57,A03.02)?
Or should I really contact the sales person for NL?
What happened to the download page of u-blox?

Best regards,

Hi @nico218a,

It’s already broken for a long time.
SODAQ is not allowed to make a download url with u-blox content, we can use email to send you the files. :slight_smile:

You have mail :mailbox_with_mail:

Please upgrade first to A07 and then to A09 to not brick your module.

Best regards,

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I am using the NB-IoT shield based on SARA-N211 02B-00. It looks like that I am using very old FW version and I am not able to send ATI9 and many other AT commands. Does anyone could send me the archive to upgrade my firmware? Shall I upgrade first to A07 and then to A09 even if I have an old FW?

Best regards,

Dear Imed,

You probably have firmware version A03, this was the firmware version when we made the NB-IoT Shields.
The version after A03 is A07 and now we are at A09.

The u-blox module won’t work if you go straight from A03 to A09.
So please upgrade first to A07 and after this you can directly upgrade to A09.

I have send you an email with both firmware versions.

Best regards,

Dear Jan,

Thanks for your support!

Kind regards,