SODAQ N310 TX/RX Pinout problem

I am using SODAQ N310 SFF and I’m trying to measure consumption in power analyser while reading and sending AT commands.

I have wired a power analyser to battery pins according to pinout and USB to Serial dongle to RX0, TX0 and GND. I can see the power being used, but the AT commands over USB are not working.

I have uploaded passthrough code.

Any advice? (I checked if i connected TX/RX correctly)

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Mihael King

Hi @Mihael_King,

If you use this passthough sketch: Passthrough - SODAQ Support pages
The commands from the serial stream of the USB connector are passed onto the module.
When you want to use TX0/RX0 you need to change SerialUSB to Serial.
#define DEBUG_STREAM Serial

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