Sodaq Explorer with 433 MHz receiver

HI there,

I want to use a 433 MHz receiver with a Sodaq Explorer card in order to send data of a wireless door/window sensor. Can you help me please? I don’t have problem if it is with an Arduino card. But with Sodaq I receive anything. Is Sodaq Explorer compatible with 433 Mhz receiver?



The Sodaq Explorer comes with an 868 PCB antenna.
The RN2483 can be used in 868 and 433 Mhz.
With a little modification you can use the 433 Mhz from the RN2483

Break off the PCB antenna, solder on an antenna 433Mhz, and solder a wire from the RN module to the antenna.
You can only send AT commands to the RN module but and not direct to the 433 reveiver, you can only use the lora and microchip modulation.

The Explorer should be compatible with all Arduino 3.3v shields.
We have an tranceiver/receiver in our webshop.

Send a link if you want to know if your 433 receiver is compatible.


Thanks for your reply. I use this 433 MHz receiver


I don’t see anything about the input voltage, if it’s compatible with 3.3 volts then you can use it.