SODAQ Explorer error compile "'LoRaBee was not declared in this scope"


I just bought SODAQ Explorer and try to compile the sample code (LorWan) but when I compile the code come out with error “‘LoRaBee’ was not declared in this scope”

Any one could help?

The Laptop:
Surface Book, Windows 10


Does the sketch have the Sodaq_RN2483 library included?

Hi GabrielNotman,

Yes. it does.

I downloaded from
then install from: Sketch - Include library - Manage Libraries

In the “Include Library” , I could see “Sodaq_RN2483”

There should be a line such as this at or near the top of your sketch:

#include <Sodaq_RN2483.h>

Could you include or link the sketch you are trying to compile, also including the full error output would be useful.

Hi Gabriel,

I just copy the sample code from SODAQ, but when I compile the error come out

The link:

Down in the “LoRaWAN simple send example”

Yes. The include link is in the code

Thanks for your help.

More Info,

Just uninstall the Sodaq library and install back again, now the error message as follow:

…\Arduino\libraries\Sodaq_RN2483-master\src\Sodaq_RN2483.cpp:24:23: fatal error: Sodaq_wdt.h: No such file or directory

#include <Sodaq_wdt.h>


compilation terminated.

exit status 1
Error compiling for board SODAQ ExpLoRer.

The Library downloaded from here:


The Sodaq_wdt library can be found here:

Hi Gabriel,

It works. Thanks for your help.