SLIP or PPP support?

Are there any plans to support SLIP or PPP so the module could be used as a real modem?


Did you try to use SLIP or PPP with the AT commands?

We don’t have any plans on supporting this in our library at this moment.
If more people have the need for SLIP or PPP we will add this in our library.

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In order the NB-IoT shield to be useful it needs an external controller to run the IoT application itself. Currently this external application has only one way to send or receive data over NB-IoT: using the NSOCR, NSOST, NSORF, etc. AT commands. An alternative approach could be that the controller implements the IP/UDP/… stack as well. For this to work one needs an L2 protocol between the controller and the NB-IoT modem, which is usually PPP or SLIP. Are there any plans to support these on the NB-IoT shield?