SFF firmware upgrade device not found


I am trying to upgrade the firmware for SFF, got one question on the pin connection,
help page says 1 2 3 4 should be VCC USB+ USB- GND https://support.sodaq.com/Boards/Sara_SFF/#r4

but the schematic https://support.sodaq.com/Boards/Sara_SFF/sodaq_sara_sff_r2.pdf
says SARA_USB_IN/2.1C is connected to pin 4 for SARA USB, which is supposed to be for VCC

Could you please help to clarify which is the correct one?

Thank you.

I could see a device “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 900E” in the settings. But the EasyFlash kept complaining “device not found”.

Hi Ying,

Sometimes a reboot is required to complete installing the drivers.
Did you open EasyFlash as Administrator?

Did you remove the sketch on the board? or did you manually put the board in bootloader mode?
When the microcontroller software is talking to the modem, the EasyFlash software can’t talk to the module to do the software update.

Best regards,

Hi Jan,

Reboot was done after installing the drivers. EasyFlash was ran as admin. Sketch was uploaded with the sff serial pass through.


Hi @Ying,

Can you try a blank sketch? No modem setup.

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