Setting up SODAQ SARA AFF R412 to NB-IoT


I am a university student so oversimplification would be very helpful and appreciated.
We are using SODAQ SARA R412 and we need to connect a SIM card from our local telecommunication provider “Du”, which supports an NB-IoT network.

Can you help explain the steps I’d need to accomplish a connection using the SIM card to the network?

Hi @Easa,

It is possible to connect to NB-IoT with the R412M. Make sure you have a battery connected to your board.

Here you can find the commands for Vodafone

With a few changed it can also be used for your provider.

You need to select the correct MNO Profile.
These are the option:
* Values for MNO profile (AT+UMNOPROF)
* • 0: Undefined
* • 1: SIM ICCID select
* • 2: AT&T
* • 3: Verizon
* • 4: Telstra
* • 5: T-Mobile US
* • 6: China Telecom
* • 8: Sprint
* • 19: Vodafone
* • 20: NTT DoCoMo
* • 21: Telus
* • 28: SoftBank
* • 31: Deutsche Telekom
* • 32: US Cellular
* • 39: SKT
* • 100: standard Europe

You can skip setting the bandmask.
You have to set the correct APN for your provider.
You can use the auto operator selection. If this does not work try the force operator method.

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Hi @Jan

Thank you for the response!
I’ll follow through with the points you mentioned and see how things go.