Set Sodaq One's Spreading Factor to SF11?

I am still playing around discovering how the Lora spreading factor affects sending the messages. As far as I understand, the spreading factor affects the max data throughput and the range that the signal can be send.

For testing purposes, I use my own single channel gateway on which I can set a fixed spreading factor. Currently it is on SF7 but I would like to run/ try it on SF11 or SF12 to see whether it improves the signal range (on SF7 it is receiving signals that are no further away than only about 100m).

Would increasing the SF help increasing the signal range?
If yes, is there a way to set SodaqOne to a fixed SF?

Have a look at the: Set Channel Data Rate Range command:

mac set ch drrange <channelID> <minRange> <maxRange>

You will have to add a CRLF line ending as well.

Command Manuals:

Thanks. With this I managed to set DR and PWRIDX. Unfortunately it didn’t help to increase the signal range. I guess it is not the SodaqOne’s signal but my single channel gateway’s reception that isn’t very good.