Set custom channel frequency

I’m trying to set custom channel frequencies to be used on TTN/TTI.

LoRaBee.setMacParam(“ch freq 3”, 868700000);
LoRaBee.setMacParam(“ch freq 4”, 868900000);
LoRaBee.setMacParam(“ch freq 5”, 869100000);
LoRaBee.setMacParam(“ch freq 6”, 869300000);
LoRaBee.setMacParam(“ch freq 7”, 869500000);

I think I also need to use LoRaBee.resetDevice(); but I can get it to work. I’m using LoRaBee.initOTA to join the Network Server. Will the NS overwrite my settings with the “standard” frequencies on TTN or how does that work?

Hi @wiesel ,

With a join the network can push the preferred frequencies.
You can do the commands manually to see if there are any differences with using our library.

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okay, I have tried. But I have some trouble to use the “mac set” commands. In the datasheet for RN2483, you have to use “sys reset” to initialize with the last saved parameters. But the LoRaBee.resetDevice() function need an argument I think, and I don’t really understand what it should be.

Hi @wiesel,

I just checked the join procedure, you have to use the generic 3 channels. If you don’t have one of these you are not able to join. By default only these are enabled. The other 5 channels are send to you from the network. So you will not have to set these channels manually.

If you only want to send the sys reset command you can use false.
If true is send to also set the power and SF.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I managed to solve it by implementing a new frequency plan on the NS, and then my end device got the custom plan when joining using OTAA

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