Sending SMS with SARA R410M


I try to send an SMS with my SARA AFF R410M board.
I use the AT command passthrough code and the TeraTerm serial terminal.

After sending Ctrl-z after “test message”(this should work with TeraTerm) the cursor is just blinking some times below the > and nothing more happens. No answer from the board. And I am not able to transmit other commands after that.
Does the Ctrl-Z not come through or what could be the problem?

Any ideas?

I use the NB IoT mode with Telia in Norway.


Dear Uta,

I know the Arduino IDE does not accept Ctrl+z. This might be the same for TeraTerm.
Putty works fine with Ctrl+z and sending an sms. Can you check if you can send an sms with putty?

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Now I tried with Putty and got
+CMS ERROR: Unknown error
after a while.

When I try in the same session
I get
+CME ERROR: No connection to phone

Does this errors have the same root cause?

The rest of the week I am in an area without IoT coverage so I am not able to test more until next week.

Hi Uta, the Telia network does not support SMS over NB-IoT yet I’m afraid. If you have LTE-M in your area, you can send SMS over that.

Yes thats right, I got the information from Telia now also. Unfortunately I don’t have LTE-M in my area yet.

Good day,

Im programming 412 Module, i have one thing that i dont understand how to fix.

Changing the Library for R4x , Adding SMS sending .

The final command that sends SMS to the recipient ends on CTRL+Z or ^z.

After pushing the command with destination number Device waiting for message to be written in the console.

Looks Like :

println(“AT+CMGS=”+Number here"");

Anything im sending after that is going to a different stream i think.

How to push the text message?

println(“Hello world^z”);

print(“Hello world^z”);

Dose not work.
Any advice would help .