Sending data to gateway

Hello all,

I am currently working on my project and am at the step where I would like to take some data I have collected on how many times the acceleromter has triggered in one of my functions and send it back in a packet to my gateway. Currently, I am using

void sendPacket(String packet){
switch (LoRaBee.send(1, (uint8_t*)packet.c_str(), packet.length()));

which I believe is in the Sodaq RN2483 library, and it is sent out this way

String packet = “SODAQ”;

which I can change to whatever I would like to send and it shows up in the payload that I get on my gateway (I am using the Multitech Conduit w/ Node RED). So what do I need to change to be able to send my number of accelerometer activations then? I tried to change the Strings to int along with a variable but that did not work. Thanks!


The RN2483 module sends Hexadecimal data, the String “SODAQ” is converted before sending.
You can look in the Universal Tracker code how we build the payload there.

Or in the example for NB-IoT (also HEX payload) I have a more simplyfied example.


Hello Jan,
The link to the file doesn’t work anymore. Can you post it again? Especially interested in the simple example how to send numbers instead of a string.

Thank you!


Hi @Arno,

This was a sketch to send with the old T-mobile nb-iot backend to AllThingTalk.
I have removed the file because it is not working anymore.

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