SARA R412M http secure


I’m working with a Sodaq Sara R412, which has too make a HTTPS request to a server.
When sending a GET request to the server on port 80 everything works fine.
When trying to use https, i get 301 responses (301 Moved Permanently).

The AT commands i use:
AT+UHTTP=0 // reset
AT+UHTTP=0, 1, “domain” // Set domain
AT+UHTTP=0,5,443 // Use port 443
AT+UHTTP=0,6,1 // Enable http secure
AT+UHTTPC=0,1,“file_name” // Send Get request
AT+ULSTFILE=2, “file_name” // Get file size
AT+URDFILE=“file_name” // Get file contents

Did i forgot something?

Thanks in advance!