SARA-R412-02B-03 (Version M12) deletes NVM automatically

Hello everyone,

along with the new firmware version M12 for the Sara R412 we’re experiencing automatic NVM resets on multiple devices. It didn’t occur whenusing older firmware versions (M10).

This is what I know:

  • NVM on the device is configured (baud rate, apn, gpios etc.)
  • device runs multiple send/receive cycles
  • suddenly the device is reset and baudrate, GPIO config, APN and so on is lost

Is anyone experiencing the same problem? And does anyone know how the reset is triggered and how it can be avoided?


Hi Andy,

I don’t recognise this problem. Although we always put checks to see if the NVM settings are correct.
I forwarded your question the ublox representative of the Netherlands.

Best regards,

Hi Jan,

thank you very much for your response and forwarding it to the ublox person responsible.

Another thing that came to my mind: it’s all devices that were updated via USB using a the image of the new firmware. However, firmware update went along without errors. We already have R412-02B-03 in stock and test these next week on our own designs.

One more thing: The last two devices that had the error, just lost Baud and GPIO settings. APN was still in the NVM.