SARA R410M with KPN LTE-M & Sodaq_nbIOT


I am trying to use the SARA R410M with the Sodaq_nbIOT Arduino example. I want to prevent using AT-commands and rather go for a nice API.

My question is if the Sodaq_nbIOT example is explicitly for NB-IoT (Vodafone/T-Mobile) or also usable for KPN’s LTE-M? If so, what are the KPN settings needed?

Or is the only way to go for the AT-commands when using KPN and LTE-M?

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Hi @igdehaan,

I’m pretty sure any of the SODAQ example codes can be used for any network. Just be sure to set the correct settings.
Make sure you set the connection type: LTE-M or NB-IOT. I only know a way of doing this with AT-commands myself. AT+URAT=7 for LTE-M or AT+URAT=8 for NB-IOT.
After that you can use AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”, “” to select your APN.
And set the correct operator numbr using AT+COPS=1,2,"".

That’s the only way I know currently for KPN and LTE-M.

Good luck!